Fireball Collection

The Fireball Collection

A tribute to self-reinvention

The unique sterling silver pearls in this collection remind us of the phoenix legend, - You will rise up from your ashes. It honors your unique journey, with its challenges, changes and growth.

- Sooner or later, we all experience life changing experiences, to honour them is a way to acceptance and growth. 

When silver reaches melting temperature, in liquid state it takes the shape of a sphere, once chilled down it reamins a pure and solid silver bead.

An eco-friendly collection

The main features of this collection are the silver beads, created from recycled with sterling silver. 

 Take a sneak peek into the handcraft behind the Fireball Collection!

As all Lorena Sanabria Jewelry pieces, every Fireball piece is handcrafted in Stockholm, by myself.

This collection as all Lorena Sanabria Jewelry pieces are handmade in Stockholm 

Lorena Sanabria Jewelry
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Lorena Sanabria Jewelry
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